Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hands Up!

Hands up if you are the type of person who prefers to read books online, on your computer or an e-reader. There are a lot of you out there. I haven't gone as far as bought an e-reader but I have read books on my computer. For me, if there are books involved, i'm not picky!

What about those of you who can't get enough of dusty, musty, paper pages, the weight of a novel in your hand, using your favourite bookmarks...? I must admit, I personally would rather read a paperback than anything else, and so I can understand when my customers request a physical version of the avon brochure. Sure, the brochure is available online for free and you can order right there as well, but I get it folks. I get it.

Let me tell you about my dear aunties (I don't think they'd mind). At all the family gatherings, first thing in the morning they can be seen drinking coffee (let's put things in order of importance ;), putting on makeup, and going through Avon catalogs together. It's a ritual. That's something that could probably be done with a few laptops, I admit, but I'm telling you IT'S NOT THE SAME.

So if you'd like an Avon catalog to flip through over coffee with a friend, or for your own unique Avon rituals, send me an email and I will send you one or drop one off.

I get it!

xoxo Jacquie

P.S. Tell me about some of your Avon Rituals :)
PPS. For you die hard internetters:

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