Monday, 16 February 2015

Be Prepared!

Or something like that! When I was a Girl Guide many, many, many years ago, that was our motto. Nowadays I still make crafts like I did back then, I plan camping trips that I rarely go on, but most of my forays into the forest are when I'm geocaching. Geocaching, for any of you who don't know yet, is basically a treasure hunt. You use an app on your phone to locate a Cache in your area and you travel to it on foot using a compass. The caches are disguised in tricky ways so that others not looking for them won't accidentally stumble upon them; your spidey senses need to be fully engaged. Here's a cache I found yesterday just behind the apartment building where I live. There are probably caches within walking distance from your home too:

Do you see it? It's a little magnetic box attached to the back of this lamp post. Inside is a small piece of paper to record your geocaching alias. Sometimes the caches are much bigger with small items inside to trade. Every time you find a cache, you log it with and gradually your list of finds grows.

Must Haves For the Journey:

SkinSoSoft has so many benefits and uses, one of which is as an insect repellent! Have a SkinSoSoft bath in the morning and be bug free for your romp in the wilderness, your friends will stick close to you lol A large size bottle is half price in Campaign 5 ($9.99)

Sunscreen (of course). All the effort we put into our skin can be undone quickly by a few hours in the sun. Avon Skin Revitalize with Aronia Berry Complex SPF 20 $15.99 Buy one get 1 for 99 cents on pages 76-77 of C 5

 Lipstick! I know, what kind of girl guide troop was I a part of? I suggest bringing lipstick because you never know who you'll meet ;) I fell in love with my boyfriend geocaching... aaaah so long ago... Ultra Color Lipstick (not pictured here) is 20% off in Campaign 5, that's $7.99 from $10

This is my current favourite Avon perfume for geocaching. Why? See above! The 3 pc collection of Luck for Her (including Eau de Parfum spray, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion) are on for $30 from $65 in C5

I'm pretty excited that we're starting to see some nicer weather, I'm hoping to get out more and find some caches. Have a great week and let me know if you need anything from C5 or C6,

Stay gorgeous,

Jacquie xoxo

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