Monday, 2 February 2015

Red, Red Wine

I've heard life described as the act of juggling all the areas of your life around in the air.
One ball always ends up on the ground.
I'm feeling pretty good about my life; the family ball is orbiting through the air. The home ball is lifting out of my left hand. The money ball is resting in my right hand.
But there's a ball on the ground--for sure.
I'm sipping some red wine and dreaming about that right moment when i can reach for the last ball, knowing another one will likely hit the floor.
I don't have any Avon suggestions for you tonight as I sit here with my Olive, but I will say that there are only two more days of this campaign so if you wanted something i'd get after it! lol

This is the current campaign:

And this is the next one:

Oh I tried Avon Bubblebath to wash my floors this week (I had heard rave reviews!) but I must further experiment as I had some technical issues.  I'll try it again next week and update you ALL :)

Jacquie & Olive

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