Friday, 6 February 2015

Avon Memories

One of my best Avon memories is of my avon lady, Helen Nagy, as was written on the back of her brochures. She would come by our house and my mum and I would go through the brochure with her. Sometimes I would be allowed to pick something out! One time I got what was probably my first lipstick. It was a cream coloured tube and pinky/coral inside. And so began my shopping addiction lol
Another memory I have of Avon is closely connected to my late Nana. She had a lot of avon products and I remember her bathroom having that comforting Avon scent. She would give me old Avon perfume bottles telling me they would be worth a lot some day. They're not (not yet ;)) but I perch the little animal shaped figures around my home because they remind me of her :)
I think that's why I became an Avon lady-- the associations I have with the company. Plus the prices are great, and they have some really good products.
So those are my thoughts on this drizzly Friday, feel free to share some of your Avon memories!

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