Friday, 20 February 2015

If You Scratch it, We Will Come

This is a blog specifically for those of you who are PARCHED this time of year, or all year round! I FEEL YOUR PAIN. All day long I habitually apply lotions and creams, oils, moisturizers: YOU NAME IT to create some type of barrier against the dry air. I have a product at all of my stations: In the car, in my purse, on the armrest of the couch, on the nightstand, and of course in the bathroom. I wonder sometimes what it must be like not to have eczema, to be able to shower and go, and to not have these bottles of products everywhere. But I guess everyone has their thing :)

I get eczema on my face (of all places), my neck and décolleté, and the inside of my elbows. For a few years when it first became a problem the doctors misdiagnosed it so I had no idea how to treat it and it got out of hand. I finally figured it out (by process of elimination) and went to the actual Eczema Society of Canada ( and learned there what I had been doing wrong all along. If it helps, this is in a nutshell what I learned, but go to the website and research for yourself if you think you may have eczema.
1. Wash the area twice per day
2. Moisturize after washing while the area is still damp
4. If the area itches, put more moisturizer on it

Those four points have helped me to get my eczema under control.
One thing that's really important is finding a good quality cream, one that won't irritate the already broken skin, that will moisturize and provide a barrier.
What many people don't know is that Avon has great products for sensitive/eczema prone skin. Our Moisture Therapy Derma 'Soothing' line is accepted by the National Eczema Association. Really any of the moisture therapy line will help most people.  Right now we have a body wash and a body lotion in the 'Soothing' line. I'm hoping they'll bring out a hand cream too!

These products are on for $7.99 (reg. $12) in the current campaign so stock up! I'm not too too sensitive so I can use Avon's other moisturizers, I find they are good enough on healthy areas of skin,  but on my eczema I have to use a product like this one.
I love Skin So Soft for the bath, the way it LOCKS the moisture into my skin and really it's an easier way to moisturize than applying lotion ;) Okay yes I'm lazy lol! If I dunk my head i'll have the greasies until i shower but i just put my hair up and let my hair soak in all that oil. Anybody else got dry hair too? lol
Here's the new packaging for Skin So Soft:

 The 500 ml bottle is $9.99 from $16.99 in Campaign 6.
So Avon really wants to be there for you with all the moisture you need day to day.
I went to my Avon meeting tonight and I want to prepare you for a lipstick sale coming up in Campaign 8. Don't buy any lipstick until then! 5 lipsticks for $20!

Hey, thanks for reading and here's a gratuitous picture of my cat just because I can:

lol Take care and until next time,

Jacquie xoxo

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